Select the tables without legs!

Tables without legs

Tables on the hidden or invisible basis, or even totally transparent, are very useful and rather moderate equipment to buy. Such design decision looks like there is no table at all, it do not feel like an eyesore, but when you need to place somewhere your cup or vase with flowers, it is right there.

Usually all transparent basis is done from the hardened glass or polycarbonate, an extremely popular up-to-date material. But there are some other choices. There exists a special kind of tables with one leg, which can be seen only from the peculiar perspectives.

Sometimes, a table can be hanged under the ceiling on the ropes, like a swing.
This is an interesting decision, but the table becomes too much unsafe.


Levitating kitchen islands
Sometimes even entire massive constructions can hover over the floor: kitchen cabinets and bar counters.  Such an extravagance will cost you a fortune, but just take a glance at how spectacular it looks.


As an analogy of cantilevering shelves, you can also place even a working table-top on the wall. As well as on the traditional kitchen table, you can easily install cooking surface on it too.

5Of course, such things were designed not for comfortable use or, for example, to decide the problem of cram in small flats. More likely, that it was invented just to surprise, astonish, and amuse. This is the salt, which may make your interior an outstanding one. Besides, all possible optical illusions in the interior design are extremely popular now.

Interior with levitating member and look!

Air interior, stairs, fireplaces, shelves and lighting fixtures


Steps in the air

Owners of country houses are the most lucky. They can bring to life the most exciting among  all the “floating in the air” interior solutions – to build a dangerous and so more attractive stairs with mounted steps.

Most often, these stairs are equipped with  glass railing, and only the bravest daredevils agree for completely open design.

Transparent fence of stairs in the photo also serves as a support for the “hung up” steps.


Fireplaces on the “air cushion”

The first fireplaces with hanging furnace were invented long ago by the French Focus company. The model was released in 1990, but it still looks very futuristic and never stops to fascinate people.


Glowing objects

To enhance the impression  and make the source of light intriguing and magical, lighting designers often hang chandeliers and lamps on an invisible wire, resembling a fishing line.

4 5

Immured plumbing

A huge number of all kinds of lift-up solutions is traditionally offered by sanitary ware and bathroom furniture manufecturers. Suspended toilets traditionally raise a lot of  fears and questions. There is nothing to be afraid of – suspended models are able to support a weight of up to 400 kg. And everything is fine with the supply tank:  it is simply hidden into the wall, only the control keys are left outside.

How to make a good waterproofing in the bathroom?

Good question: How to protect home against flooding and not to flood the neighbors

The apartment of my mother-in-law was flooded four times. Every time it happened at night and the water was boiling – it raised flooring “for the buck” and made scalded wallpapers on the wall roll in folds. Of course there are a lot of advantages in this situation: there was no need to wield with industrial hairdryer in an attempt to peel off the wallpapers. Yes, and we were forced to buy new furniture (otherwise it would serve another twenty years). But who has ever changed the floor of the apartment, when there is no place to move out while repairment is in process, will understand: the flood in the neighbor’s apartment can become your pain in the neck. And a serious blow to the wallet, without mentioning the nervous system.

If you do not have the desire to come back home one day and see your favorite slippers swaying on the waves, swimming out of the bedroom into the living room, it’s time to think about security. Protect yourself from the negligence of the tenants from the top, and at the same time make sure that your carelessness will not cause leaks in downstairs neighbors’ apartment.



  1. Make a good repairment

According to statistics, most often the main causes of flooding are rotten pipes, low-grade mixers and worn valves. Therefore, their replacement should not be delayed in any case, because the cost of the new material and the installation will be much more modest than the sum of the resumption of repairs not only in his own apartment, but also at downstairs apartments of many neighbors. Buy only high quality faucets in good retail outlets.

Tip: Consult your plumber if your pipes and risers need to be replaced.


  1. Close the valve

Banal, but, nevertheless, effective advice: block the water when leaving the house, especially if you are going on vacation or a weekend. Close the valves on the pipes in the bathroom and in the toilet, do not leave the washing machine or dishwasher to complete the cycle of the program (even if you go to the shop for half an hour). And do not start their work in your absence in the delayed start mode. On the contrary, water access valves for household appliances should be overlapped every time after usage.    3

  1. Waterproof your apartment after replacement of the bathroom

“There was one case in my practice: in the new house the bathroom was enlarged at the expense of the corridor. This apartment is located on the 16th floor in a nice residential complex . In the project I directed the contractor to make  the floor of the apartment (82 square meters) completely waterproof. I have made a drawing of the floor, on whish serking covered 20 cm of the walls. Neither my client nor object foreman did not share my desire – it seemed that it was “unnecessary and included additional expenses.” It cost me some effort, but I was able to convince the customer of the need to carry out this operation, and waterproofing of the entire apartment was made. The construction work was finished, my client has moved to a new apartment. A few months later water and traces of flooding appeared on the entrance walls. The management company has found the cause of the leak in the customer’s apartment, his contractor made a poor quality weld of one water feed.  Waterproof layer did not allow the water to go to the neighbors or to stay in the apartment of the customer – the water went into the entrance, which saved my customer from the high costs of litigation with 15 apartments, located downstairs. It is easy to imagine how happy my client was”.


Select the levitating bed together!

Beds without legs

1 2

Beds hovering over the floor
The most intriguing of all hovering  subjects in the flat are beds. Do not hesitate: if you manage to get this it will be the main intrigue of your bedroom, your flat, and the whole house in general.

The first thing that comes to mind looking at it – it is a question: How does it hold itself?

A truly floating bed was made only once (except for the flying carpet, which could also serve as a bed). Danish architect Janda Ruindzhesenar (Janjaap Ruijssenaars) in 2006 introduced a bed that hovered above the ground by a powerful magnetic field generated by two magnets: one was on the floor, the other – in the bed. The bed cost was royal – more than 100 thousand euros, and only a few copies were released.


Fluttua Bed by Lago

Mass produced floating beds are an optical illusion. They, like the tables, have a footing. Perhaps it is not visible because it is located in the middle of the construction, as in this bed.


Another variant is when the support exists, but is transparent.

The Lago company has a whole collection of “air” things with a glass socle called Air. It includes a table, benches, shelves, and a bed (see photo) – all of the highest degree of “weightless”, on the invisible footing. 5

It turns out that beds and sofas can be hanging from the ceiling on ropes and metal cables.


There are also lightweight ‘’hovering’’ versions of sofas. Of course, this hulk can’t stand on one leg: the sofa has several thin legs and outstretched socle base along the entire perimeter of the seat. The footing is almost invisible due to the removing of the legs behind it.

Beautiful furniture for interior

Micro trends: The levitating furniture

There exists an entire class of furniture, which instead of standing on its legs on the ground, hover at the height. Such things you can often meet in designer interiors from the magazines, but they are extremely rare in the real life. Pragmatic hosts usually consider it to be a feather-bedding and pass by. But, in contrast to that fact, the interior decorators like it very much. They know, that the furniture of such type works well in small rooms with the shortage of space.


By any measure, the furniture on the entire solid basis optically overfills the interior. That is why for small rooms decorators recommend the furniture on the legs, or, which is much better, even without them. Because, if you can see the floor, it seems that there is more space in the whole room. That is why over piece of advice is to prefer the wall-type furniture.